$4,198.99 if it’s your first month. You could make more as you make more videos, and gain a reputation as being a good source for information.  But that is just what Swastik made.  YouTube also has a YouTube partners program but their partners are not allowed to tell how much they make.  I wonder if their earnings are in line with the regular Google Adsense.  Many YouTube celebrities report that they make hundreds of times more money off of YouTube than with YouTube.


What that means is that you don’t have to get a check from YouTube to make money on YouTube. Making money with YouTube’s Partner’s program is the hard way to make money with YouTube.  But using YouTube to promote your blog, website, products, and services is the EASY way to make money with YouTube.  I guess in the end it’s a personal decision you will have to make.

If you are just getting started onlinedimes.com will help you make the decision because they will not even consider you for their Partner’s program until you are getting thousands of views by your videos.  And even then it’s difficult to get into the YouTube Partners program.

Swastik, myself, and many of my friends are making money on YouTube by using it to funnel traffic to our offers.  These offers can be anything.  The program I like best for this type of easy way to make money on YouTube is Google Sniper.

When I first got into internet marketing I bought 8 programs. I returned many of the programs because they were total garbage.  At first I did not really give Google Sniper a shot.  I read the manual, watched the videos and although I was impressed I figured that it was much too easy to make money.   If you don’t get anything else from reading this post know this – Never discount a program because it seems too easy to make money because in the age of the internet and the speed it creates, it’s the simple program like posting videos on YouTube, or ads on craigslist, or developing a Twitter following that make more money and much faster than the complex programs. So I gave Google Sniper a shot and was blown away that it was actually just as easy as George said it was.


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